Hello everyone, this time I want to talk about a kind of curse that usually chase those ones who write or at least try. But mostly I want to give you some tricks that may help you to pass through it.

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1. First, keep calm, I know it's hard to do, the writer's block it's annoying and unpleasant but it won't last forever... (at least that's what we hope)

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2. Write whatever that comes on to your mind no matter what is, just write without stopping, doesn't mind if it doesn't has sense (actually it won't has sense), but at the end you may find something usefull or your imagination will get active doing that.

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3. If you can't write and you're not trying the last trick, just get off the computer or the paper, don't stay there hours and hours just watching the white sheet, that will make you feel frustrated and desperate.

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4. Get inspired yes this is what we have to achieve. Inspiration won't come if you are all day in a circle of boredom and frustration.
Some things you can try to get inspired:

*Read, if you want to write, first you have to read. So what are you waiting for? Go to a library or to a bookshop and pick any book, start that journey.

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*Listen to music, that's very useful to get inspired.
*Go on a walk, take some fresh air, keep in contact with nature feel
the wind or the sun on your face, and let your imagination flowing
Going on walks down the city is also a good idea.

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*Explore other hobbies, yes, you love writing, but try something else, like painting, dancing, photography... there are a lot of things you can enjoy that can also help you to pass through your block.

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*Watch photos, one of the things that inspire me the most, is watching photos, yes, here on we heart it or in pinterest. There is a whole Universe you can find here!

*Have fun, go out and live a lot of adventures and new experiences, who knows, maybe there is your inspiration. Meet your friends, go on parties, carnivals, festivals, and wherever you want. Do crazy things, and let your fear at home.

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5. Take always with you a pen and a notebook, a sheet of paper, a diary... or anything you want where you can write. As Picasso said:

"When the inspiration comes, is better that it find me working"

Now you have some tricks to fight against the writer's block! Hope you can use them.
Goodbye and thanks for reading me... if you did.