[Dutch English detector]

A blonde girl from a medium small town in the south of the Netherlands. She loves music and to dance, even though she knows she sucks at it. She loves to walk, alone or with beloved people, uphill she likes the most. And even though her social battery is most of the time full, she needs mental preparation for social events, and some people really are toxic for her battery. She is smart, loves school, but hates the homework with all her heart. She has a small family and with most of her relatives she does not speak with. She has some really good friends, with whom she is 100% comfortable with, but she still questions herself if these people are her real friends. She loves people, if they do not tire her, but still finds herself lonely. And even though she says she is not looking for love, she is. So loves to write down her thoughts, or read a book once in a while because they bring her to another universe. A dimension where she is with her soulmate living her perfect life. She loves tot dream about anything that could happen. And thats just her. That is who she is. A girl with a story.