yay the third installment (i think) to my series

my friends are robots by arrested youth
fav lyric: but my friends don't do it like me
my friends don't live life to the beat

rating: 7/10
what it reminds me of: an alternate universe where there are actual robots, even though that's not what the song is about.

back then by atlas
fav lyric: romanticizing everything, the flowers in the grass
were a stepping stone for expressing my love back then

rating: 9/10
what it reminds me of: restlessness, studying for a test the day before, overthinking

it's not living (if it's not with you) by the 1975
fav lyric: it's true all i do is sit and think about you
if i knew what you'd do

rating: 9/10
what it reminds me of: alcoholism, crowded bars and clubs, hopelessness

in dis empty club by lil peep and boy froot
fav lyric: all i need, all i wanted was big money
gave you everything you want, i'm talking crib money
only buy it if it's on, i'm a ghost hunter

rating: 10/10
what it reminds me of: an overwhelming feeling of loneliness even when you're not alone, being rich but unhappy

i jusswon by anthony russo
fav lyric: you know me better than most people
so imma hold on to you now

rating: 8/10
what it reminds me of: friends with benefits, being drunk and in love

be careful by cardi b
fav lyric: you gon' gain the whole world
but is it worth the girl that you're losing?

rating: 9/10
what it reminds me of: harsh breakups, sadness, being treated the wrong way

thank u, next by ariana grande
fav lyric: wish i could say thank you to malcom
cause he was an angel

rating: 8/10
what it reminds me of: a breath of fresh air, the act of letting go of your past regrets

still feel. by half•alive
fav lyric: i am not a slave, can't be contained
so pick me up from the dark and pull me from the grave

rating: 10/10
what it reminds me of: being in a foreign place, trying to figure out where you are

boys in the street by greg holden
fav lyric: there was no way of knowing
cause all i was taught
is men only love women but now i'm not sure
my son, keep kissing boys in the street

rating: 11/10
what it reminds me of: not being accepted for who you are, being closeted, the way people treat gay people, how time heals wounds

best friend by rex orange county
fav lyric: no it wasn't meant to be and see
i wasn't made for you and you weren't made for me

rating: 10/10
what it reminds me of: unrequited love, how complicated love can be