Once, I sat in a quiet coffee in an old town.
I fled in there from the first, cold December air,
And the last, wet November fog.
I ordered my coffee,
The best in town,
And I sat down in a silent corner of the room.
But still, for me it wasn’t really quiet,
Because my thoughts streamed like the hot liquor in my cup did.
My hands couldn’t move quick enough to write down my words for you.
But suddenly, just as I wanted to write ‘I still love you’ I stopped.
Something deep inside of me knew that it wasn’t true anymore.
So I looked up from my note book again,
I watched the darkening sky,
And the dust in my head cleared out.
It was then that I’ve realized that the cold didn’t only freeze my shaking hands,
But also my hopeless feelings for you.
Since that I kept on returning there,
Day after day,
Night after night.
It was good to have a reminder about you,
And about my dead feelings for the beauty you were.
So it came that this old town coffee shop became my therapist,
And for that I want to thank you.
Because if you’d never let me down,
I’d still stand there, in the first, cold December air,
And the last, wet November fog,
Desperately waiting for your warmth.

Temporarily removed book, coffee, and autumn image