And for your eyes,
Hazel as sweet honey,
Or black as romantic night's sky,
Yellow as the shining sun,
Or green as sparkling grass,
Blue as the beautiful ocean
Or brown as a pleasant milk chocolate,

For your smile,
A pink flower that whenever it opens
You'll see it designed with pearls,

For your laugh,
That weird giggling sound that comes out of your heart before it comes out of your mouth,

For that sparkle in your eyes,
Whenever you speak about your passions,

For those little dots that covers your face,
Those which you call freckles, that makes your face a piece of art,

For that curly hair,
On a scale of one to curly fries?
I'd say it's as beautiful as much as curly fries are delicious.

For your straight hair
As soft as silk,

For your wavy hair?
I'd say best things come in the middle!

For all of those things you are,
I fall !
For all of those things you are,
That gives you your genuine beauty!

You are beautiful,
So please stop giving yourself any standards.