What is up ypu guys? Welcome back to anther article of mine.Happy a1st day of December.Today in honor of 1st December i decided to write an article about 25 days of random acts of kindness.Basically,it's something like a challenge wich refers to 25 days of doing something good and beneficial.

🎄 1st December

Donate some clothes that you don't need

🎄 2nd December

Compliment one person without having a specific reason

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🎄 3rd December

Smile at someone

🎄 4th December

Say to someone that you love him/her,because life is too short to wait

🎄 5th December
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🎄 6th December

Pay for somebody's drink or meal

🎄 7th December

Send flowers to someone

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🎄 8th December

Offer a hug to somebody

🎄 9th December

Clean up litters

🎄10th December
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Run an errand for someone

🎄11th December

Don't complaint for one day

🎄 12th December

Take the time to listen to someone

🎄 13th December
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Snap a photo for a couple

🎄 14th December

Prepare a meal for your family

🎄 15th December

Leave your waiter a generous tip

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🎄 16th December

Donate food

🎄 17th December

Say "hello" to a stranger

🎄 18th December
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Take part in a charity

🎄 19th December

Help others to be more positive

🎄 20th December
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Invite someone to have dinner together

🎄 21st December

Call your relatives just to aks them how their day was

🎄 22nd December

Help a friend

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🎄 23rd December

Praise a parent for their child

🎄 24th December

Leave a nice comments on social media

🎄 25th December

Organize a family dinner with all your relatives

Thank you so much for reading th firstarticle of my winter-Christmas article.This article is something different from other ones.However,i hope you like it.Stay tuned for Sunday's article,because let me tell that is a collab!!

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