♥ Waking up on Christmas day

кошка, глаза, and гирлянда image christmas, coffee, and december image

♥ A long hug from someone you missed very much

couple, love, and goals image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed asia, couple, and death image

♥ Laughing so hard that you can't breathe

love, couple, and black and white image laughing, black and white, and expression image

♥ Fresh shaved legs

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♥ Screaming words to songs with friends

girl, friends, and besties image Temporarily removed

♥ Jumping into the ocean

Temporarily removed sea image

♥ Stepping off the plane in your vacation spot

travel, girl, and airport image

♥ A kiss from your love

girl, lesbian, and love image gay, boy, and couple image Image by hannijr746 couple, goals, and love image

♥ Listening to your favorite music

music, simpsons, and cartoon image love, couple, and cute image

♥ Miss you messages

love, text, and message image miss, sad, and night image

♥ Watching pretty sunsets

nature, sky, and sea image Temporarily removed

♥ Seeing stars in a clear sky

night sky, stars, and trees image carnival ride, fallout, and ferris wheel image

♥ Long phone calls

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