EDM duo MUSKY made their debut on the 1st of July under PK (Play K) Entertainment. Their debut was more succeful then their company had anticipated, with 27.000 people starting to follow MUSKY on Instagram and reaching 1 million views on their music video in under a week. Due to this succes, the company decide to hold an 'emergency showcase', as they originally did not have a showcase planned.

And that turned out to be a great move on their part. The girls were both complimented by the stage managers for their skills, got the interest of multiple advertisement companies and signed an exclusive contract with cosmetic brand 'Le Anna Mask (?)'.

They are currently prepraring for a comeback, which is scheduled to take place on the 13th of December with the single 'I'm Leaving You Now'.

Han (Han Dokyeong): Main vocal

Geumjoo (Yoon Seonhwa): Main dancer and lead vocal. Ahead of their debut, she worked as a proffesional. She performed for the top 4 in Superstar K. She was a back-up dancer for 9MUSES' Kyungri during Blue Moon, for IU during The Red Shoes and for BTS during one of their SBS performances. She also appeared in Sunny Hill's 'Monday Bluse' music video and was their back-up dancer during live performances. And that's only a grasp in her pre-debut work.

Music Video