In this article I will post 10 of my favorite songs/ music videos that came out in November and are going to stay on my playlist for some time.
I am doing this at the end of every month.

This month, I would really recommend you to listen to these:

1. Ariana Grande - thank you, next

Image removed ariana grande, thank u next, and ariana image gif, ari, and ariana grande image ariana grande, thank u next, and ariana image
Plus, I met someone else, we havin' better discussions. I know they say I move on too fast but this one gon' last 'cause her name is Ari and I'm so good with that.

2. David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin - Say My Name

say my name, bebe rexha, and jbalvin image beat, berlin, and club image girls, girls love, and lesbian image bebe rexha image
Say my name, say my name. If you love me, let me hear you.

3. Il Volo - Amame

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Solo ámame y voy a amarte más, cuídame, que yo te voy a cuidar.

4. J Balvin - Reggaeton

Image removed j balvin image boys, concert, and daddy image boys, cool, and green image
Dios bendiga el reggaetón, amén.

5. Karol G, Maluma - Créeme

karol g and maluma image karol g and maluma image edit, music, and song image karol g and maluma image
Y no es que muera porque no tenga tus beso, pero es que vivir sin eso es como vivir sin razón.

6. Khalid - Better

khalid image better, feels, and Lyrics image Image removed bae, celebrities, and location image
Love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are.

7. Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart ft. Miley Cyrus

mark ronson, miley cyrus, and music image mark ronson, miley cyrus, and new image miley cyrus, mark ronson, and miley image activist, artists, and beauty image
This world can hurt you it cuts you deep and leaves a scar. Things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart.

8. Prince Royce, Marc Anthony - Adicto

blue, music video, and prince image marc anthony image marc anthony image blue, car, and music video image
EƖƖa te baiƖa dᴏnde nᴏ hay Ɩᴜᴄes, šaɡas eƖ preᴄiᴏ y eƖƖa se Ɩᴜᴄe. Tantᴏs reᴄᴜerdᴏs de aqᴜeƖ ᴄᴜartiᴄᴏ... Lᴏ reᴄᴏnᴏᴢᴄᴏ sᴏy ᴜn adiᴄtᴏ.

9. XXXTENTACION & Lil Pump ft. Maluma & Swae Lee - "Arms Around You"

Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed swae lee image
If you ever get to feel my touch then you might never get enough.

10. Zayn, Nicki Minaj - No Candle No Light

nicki minaj, zayn, and zaynmalik image zayn malik, zayn, and boys image nicki minaj, fashion, and beauty image nicki minaj, zayn malik, and no candle no light image
We gotta, we gotta, we gotta face it. The fire, the fire ain't no longer blazin'.

That's it for this month. If you haven't heard these songs - go hear them, I promise they are good.

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