Honey Popcorn is a (currently) 3 member Japanese Kpop girl group, who made their debut on the 21st of March. They are 'signed' under Kyun Create, a company established specifically for Honey Popcorn. Honey Popcorn originally became a group because of Yua. The company has officially stated that Honey Popcorn has been funded by Yua as a passion project, so they filmed a mv, bought and recorded a song, hired stylist, etc, with her own money and money she was given to make her dream of becoming a Kpop artist come true.
There was a rumor they were being managed by Double Kick in Korea, but it turns out that was false.
Their debut was quite controversial as all of their members are either active as AV actresses in Japan, or were previously (although, for now, they want to focus on Honey Popcorn's activities). People were afraid of how that would influence the young people who liked Kpop.
Aside from that, in South Korea it's illegal to produce or consume pornography of any form, so having 3 AV actresses on their scene was bound to cause stir-ups.

Honey Popcorn revealed they were planning to come back in January 2019. Those plans also include bringing in 2 new members, if not more. They auditioned for new members between August 4 and October 31. Based on the results from the audition, it would be decided how many members would be added, but 2 was set as a minimum.

Moko Sakura (Ito Yuu, 03.19.1991): Vocal. Former Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome member (an Akihabara Backstage Pass sub-unit)

Yua Mikami (Momona Kito, 08.16.1993): Leader, main vocal and visual. Former SKE48 and Ebisu Muscats member (idol group with av actresses in Japan). She recently broadcasted as a BJ on Afreeca TV with Honey Popcorn.

Miko Matsuda (Okada Risako, 10.28.1995): Main dancer, vocal and maknae. Former NMB48 member. She is the only member who isn't currently active as an AV actress in Japan.

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