Dream Note is global entertainment company iMe Korea's first girl group. They made their debut on the 7th of November, after delaying their debut a couple of times. They are the third girl group to debut with MIXNINE contestants this year (after Neon Punch and LOONA)
The group has gotten a lot of praise for their solid skills as rookies, their energetic performances and their visuals. They even gained the nickname the Teenglemi group (Teenager + beagle + beauty). These characteristics can also be found in their official colors joyful green and cheerful yellow.
iMe Korea has already announced they are hoping to do global promotions with Dream Note due to the group's debut being well-received internationally.

Boni (Choi Euijeong, 10.30.1999): Lead vocal, sub-dancer
Youi (Kim Jihyeon, 04.24.2000): Leader, lead dancer, sub-vocal
Lara (Moon Shinae, 08.09.2000): Main vocal, sub-dancer. Recorded OST for 'When the Time Stops'.
Miso (Jeon Jimin, 10.25.2000): Main vocal
Park Soomin (09.07.2001): Center, lead dancer, sub-vocal, rapper. Appeared in MIXNINE (ended in the top 3) and in JTBC's 'I Was Against You'*.
Park Eunjo (03.07.2002): Sub-vocal. Appeared in MIXNINE and in JTBC's 'I Was Against You'.
Yoo Habin (03.10.2002): Main dancer, sub-vocal, rapper
Ahn Hanbyeol (10.13.2003): Maknae, lead dancer, sub-vocal, rapper. MIXNINE

Former Member
Park Jinsol: Appeared on MIXNINE

Music Video