Sha Sha is a new 6 member girl group from Major Entertainment who made their debut on the 27th of December. They released a pre-debut single, called 'White Story', in 2017. They have, however, gone through some line-up changes since this single. First with one member leaving right before debut and one big line-up change right before their comeback.

Sha Sha has already won some prizes, such as the New Artist Award at the K-Model Awards & Asia Beauty Awards and the Girl Group Rookie Star award at the 2018 Luxury Brand Model Awards (LBMA) Star Fashion Week on the 30th of October.

Their team name Sha Sha stands for the 'sweetness of chocolate and health of darkness (?)'.

A-Ryeom (05.29.1995): Main vocal and leader. A-Ryeom competed on Superstar K in 2016 and performed at the 20th Gyeonggi Youth Art Festival.

Jeong Gowoon (01.31.1996): Vocal. Gowoon was previously part of girl group Vividiva until they disbanded in 2016 and then joined Twinkle who she was supposed to debut with in 2016, but the group disbanded before they made their debut. In both of the groups, she went by the stage name Sunyul. She studies Modern Practical Music at Sungshin's Woman Unversity and made an appearence on KBS' Children Song Contest during her childhood.

Chaki (01.07.1997): Rap. Chaki was born in Japan and joined the group for their comeback

Hakyung (03.21.1997): Vocal. Hakyung joined the group for their comeback.

Seoyeon (Seohyun, 09.08.1998): Vocal. Seoyeon made her acting debut this year in the webdrama 사랑은 영화같지 않더라 (Love is not like a movie). She studies at Suwon National University of Science and Technology and used to be a professional dancer

Wanlin (12.30.?): Wanlin is the second foreign member in the group as she ws born in China and also joined the group for their comeback. She made some headlines during the group's showcase for their second single, as she fainted on stage. She was rushed to the hospital to be checked out as she had not been feeling well since that morning, but wanted to perform anyway. The agency stated a day later that Wanlin had regained consciousness in the hospital and was currently resting and would not be part of the group's promotions. On October 16, Major released another statement updating on Wanlin's health. It was revealed that the hospital was suspecting hypokalemia due to abnormal renal functions. Major then stated Wanlin had gone back to China's mainland for her treatment.
She is fluent in 4 languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese and French.

Former Members
Hwia (Jo Hwilin, 02.21.1995): formerly of SUS4 and H2L. Pre-debut member
I-An (05.21.?)
So-Yeop (01.02.?): maknae
Ga-Ram (10.23.?): maknae

Music Video