SIO.SIJAK is a new raw girl crush dance team girl group from Good Dream Entertainment. They were originally supposed to debut in May 2017 with the digital single 'Tonight', but due to unknown circumstances the single was never released.
They officially debuted on March 12 with the digital single 'LA LA LA'.

There has been no official confirmation, but it seems likely that Jiyoo and Sohee left the group. Jiyoo doesn't have anything on her profile page on their website and has not been included in the thumbnail for the group's mv. Sohee has not been heard from other then the performances the group uploads from time to time, but I don't when they were filmed. Only Suna and Yelim still post on their social media accounts.

Yelim (Lee Yerim, 1992): Leader and rap. Graduated from Gyeongin Woman's University in practical music.
During her elementary time, a big entertainment company (that has not been named) tried casting her for her unique dancing skills, but her parents opposed to her being trainee and wanted her to stick to dancing as a hobby. She did continue and even won some prizes, earning her the nickname Gyeongi's Isadora Duncan, a famous dancer from the 1900's. In highschool, she formed a dance club and at this time got the attention of her first company Funny Collection Entertainment. She debuted in their girl group Scarlet in February 2014 as their leader and vocal, but left one month later due to a orthodentic surgery she had to undergo.

Suna: Main vocal. Graduated from Gyeongin Woman's University in practical music.

Sohee: Sub-vocal


Former Members
Suji: Main vocal

Heejin: Main vocal

Music Video