Blue Fox is a new four member girl group who have made their debut at the 12th of October. Their name has been chosen as foxes represent hope and dreams in Mongolia and blue is one of the most preferred colors in the world. With this name, they hope to convey their message of hope and dreams even in hard times.

As a girl group, they have chosen to be different from the mass right now. In the album description they talk about purposely choosing this harder way of promoting and becoming known, even going as far as saying the group is more likely to fail, but that they still wanted to try making it in the entertainment field on their own terms and not be one in a dozen, proving that they will have hope and dreams themselves during the difficult times.

Their debut album inclues two songs: I Believe I Can Fly (title track) and Wake Me Up. Another special thing about this group is that they chose to film a mv and promote their b-side instead of their title track. Wake Me Up is produced by the same people who produced Nu'est's Hello. The lyrics of the song are based on the fairytale 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Blue Fox promotes under Blue Fox Entertainment, which could mean they are either an independent group or that they were named after their company.

Song Eyaki (Kim Youjin, 12.08.1993): Leader, vocal and rapper. Formerly of Baba as Jinri and ACE as Youjin

Aria: Main vocal. Aria is the only member who hasn't debuted before, which is why we don't know much about her. She was casted during an audition Blue Fox Entertainment held in December 2017 when they were looking for a vocalist who was about 160 cm tall, was between 16 and 24 years old and weight about 50 kg.

Daya (Kim Dahee, 06.21.1994): Sub-vocal. Formerly of Baba as Seoli

Haena (Yang Hayoung, 03.22.1999): Maknae, vocal and rapper. Formerly of Baba as Saei

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