MAYWISH is J9 Entertainment's new 4 member girl group, who made their debut on the 17th of October with the song Hello. Their name stands for 'wish in May': to fulfill wishes in the most beautiful and precious time.

A special thing about this group is that all the members are following a major in music.

Jo Anna (01.07.1995): Anna is a former member of three member idol group Vetty-L (Very Pretty Ladies). Vetty-L debuted in 2013 with the song Please Come back and included, aside from Anna, members Kim Chaeree and Lim Seryeong. Seryeong recently made her debut in FlaShe. The girls seem to have left the group around 2016.
Anna was the girl to enter Vetty-L through a private audition, re commended by her sister back in 2013. After she debuted, she stated that she wanted to grow as a singer and then broaden her activities within the entertainment field. She said she wanted to try acting, musicals and varities.


Kim Soeun: main dancer.

Jelly (Jeryeong)

Music Video