This is my first article post and honestly I'm a bit nervous but I figured doing a challenge would be the easiest way to get started because it already tells me what I should write about. So anyways here we go.

Day 1 is 10 things that make me really happy. Not sure if I actually have 10 but I'll try.

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1) My 3 purrfect kitties.
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2) My very energetic puppy

3) Love of my life.

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4) Watching Friends

5) Christmas lights and music

6) Hanging out with my friends

7) Reading a really good book

8) Being around my family

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9) Drinking coffee
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10) Watching a classic movie

So there it is. 10 things that I love very much. Still trying to get the hang of these articles and I think they're so much fun. Please if you have any tips for me. Let me know in the comments. Thank you to whoever reads this post.