WARNING! This article is quite political, if you don't identify with the European Union feel free to leave right now. Move on at your own risk.


Recently I had the opportunity to meet with other people who are enthusiasts of the European dream and the European way of life, in a meeting for the #thistimeimvoting campaign. I felt encouraged and my imagination started bubbling, and I had this fun idea that I think we could implement during this festive season. It's called "12 days of European Christmas". The goal it's to encourage people to vote by sharing why the European Union is so important to you personally.

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The idea is to take to your social media accounts and during 12 consecutive days before Christmas (starting with the 14th of December) share something that the European Union did for you or your community. On the twelfth day, which should be the 25th of December, you'll innumerate all the things from before and add the last one.

I'll write an example: "On the 1st day of Christmas the EU gave to me, the opportunity to travel freely."

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You could also elaborate and explain how a certain thing that you're sharing works, share a personal story, or say why you think a certain aspect is so important for European as a whole. Also, the idea includes not only text posts, but preferably photos and video, because that causes people to pay more attention.
This, is of course, inspired by the Christmas carol "Twelve Days of Christmas", but with a European twist. Twelve is also the number of stars on the European Flag, which is appropriate.
I hope you take part, and let's use the hashtag #12daysofeuchristmas, so we can see each other's posts.