Before I get into the workout plan I would like to point out a few things.

First, this is the plan for our challenge so its going to be a little hard but affective and you can also use it only as a workout without the challenge.

If you dont know what Im talking about or your willing to start the challenge also just read the this article:

This workout is taking place in the challenge only 2-3 times a week.
And it includes butt, legs, arms, waist and abs.

So without saying more this is the workout plan:

➳ 30 Crunches
➳ 30 Bicycle crunches
➳ 30 Rised legs crunches
➳ 30 Scissors kicks
➳ 40 Russian twists
➳ 30 Mountain climbers
➳ 1 min Plank
➳ 1 min Plank with hips twist
➳ 30 squats
➳ 30 (each leg) Outside legs rise
➳ 30 (each leg) Inside legs rise
➳ 30 (each leg) reverse legs rise
➳ 40 (each leg) Lunge
➳ 30 plie squats
➳ 30 (each leg) steps outs
➳ 1 min arms circles front
➳ 1 min arms circles back
➳ 30 (each side) rainbow obliques
➳ 30 push ups
➳ 15 bridges
➳ 15 heel kicks

Repeat X2 at the first and second weeks
Repeat X3 at the third and fourth weeks

If you cant do all the workout its okay, give yourself a break, do as you can, you will get there once youre ready.

And also if you need anything or you have some question please send me a message I would love to help.

Stay tuned for more workout articles soon.

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