as the year comes to a close this is the time to make the most of it. so i thought id make a calendar for everyday of this month so we would take care of ourselves in this last month of the year.
  • 1st: clean your room
  • 2nd: decor your room for winter/christmas
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  • 3rd: make chocolate chip cookies
  • 4th: put on a face mask
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  • 5th: watch home alone
  • 6th: do yoga
  • 7th: take a picture of your christmas tree or the snow/rain
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  • 8th: no phone for 24 hours
  • 9th: plan a christmas themed sleepover
  • 10th: binge on your favorite tv show
  • 11th: make a christmas themed playlist
  • 12th: watch og 'what i got for xmas' youtube videos
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  • 13th: shop online
  • 14th: meal prep for the following week
  • 15th: go on a drive and listen to christmas music
  • 16th: have a cozy night time routine
  • 17th: start a new book/tv show
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  • 18th: workout
  • 19th: watch your favorite movie
  • 20th: go christmas shopping
  • 21st: cleanse your phone (delete old photos and apps)
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  • 22nd: make your comfort food
  • 23rd: have a christmas themed sleepover
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  • 24th: have a game night with your family on christmas eve
  • 25th: spend the day with your loved ones
  • 26th: plan a new years eve party/sleepover
  • 27th: watch a new years movie
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  • 28th: take cute photos to post on new years day
  • 29th: get yourself ready for the new year (haircut, shave, brows done etc)
  • 30th: dance around your room listening to throwback music
  • 31st: have a new years eve party/sleepover
new year, 2017, and fireworks image

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