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Hello beautiful people! ❤

S o - w h e r e - d o - i - b e g i n . . .
Have you ever sat on YouTube and just scrolled through the comments? Have you ever been really surprised about how people respond to certain things so rudely, crudely, inconsiderately and unapologetically? Maybe you have even been someone to comment something rude without thinking twice.
People like to say "Its called freedom of speech" or "Its a free country!" ... But does that really give someone the right to disrespect, belittle or hurt somebody else?. Recently, I've become so aware and shocked about how YouTube and other social media sites, allow people to verbally abuse other people and they do absolutely nothing about it. This is really sad. These websites that allow this are a major part of the big problems that face society and new age "cultural norms"
S o - w h e r e - a m - I - g o i n g - w i t h - t h i s ? . . .
Well, it made me realise how fortunate we are to have a place like WHI, that is safe, that is positive, that does not tolerate abuse and "bullying" like so many websites do.

This motivated me to write an article I have thought about writing for a long time, but never got around to writing.

An article appreciating the people who make this community the wonderful place it is.

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Thank you for :

  • A Safe Space
As we all know, WHI is a place where you can be yourself. On we heart it, you can express your current thoughts through images and articles.
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I have been on whi for a long long time... because WHI is a site and community that invites honesty, it allows us to scroll back to our thoughts from years ago and things we genuinely loved when we were younger. I love this about WHI.
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Some of my hearts from 6 years ago!
Sometimes I go back and look at my old hearts from before high school and laugh, I think how Ive changed so so much, yet stayed the same in so many other ways "the more things change, the more they stay the same".

Thank you WHI for providing us with a safe space where we can be ourselves unapologetically. A Safe place where we can share our stories, as well as learn and be inspired by others.

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  • A Supportive Space
Whi heart it has always been a very positive and supportive community. I am honestly so grateful for that. It doesn't support or accommodate people who wish to be rude, or "troll", or take their frustrations out on other people. This is really a beautiful thing. There are honestly so few sites that to this.
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On whi if you like something, you heart it. If you like an article, you send an emogi and heart it. You can even send the writer or hearter a personal message. But if you don't like something, then you must comply with WHI's unspoken rule: If you don't have anything nice to say...dont say anything at all. .. I love this. Because it reminds people that negativity and rudeness is not necessary and definitely not welcome on WHI
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  • Listening to Hearters
You may not think so, but Whi is watching! WHI editors, the team and sometimes even WHI's creator.... Are looking though hearters hearts, articles and are constantly trying to improve WHI.
An example of this is when I created some requests, that where hearted by some members of the WHI community. Fabio even hearted one of my requests. After some time, one of my request was a new feature on WHI.
This shows that TeamWHI are indeed listening, especially when many of us speak up about the same things. So never be afraid to speak up about your ideas and suggestions. :)
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These are two WHI requests I posted this year, now WHI allows us to delete old messages :)
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  • Acknowledging & Recognising Hearters
As many of you know, a few years ago, WHI began an awesome initiative to recognise it's users by awarding people with the heartist and recognised writer badges! These awards are so special in the Whi community as WHI chooses a select few to carry this badge, at the end of each year. This is majorly determined by your involvement and the quality of your content for the entire year.
On new years morning this year, I found out I was a 2017 heartist. I was so happy as I have been such an active and loyal member of WHI for so long. THANK YOU for the acknowledgement WHI.
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If you want to be a heartist or recognised writer, I suggest you heart heart heart, and write write write. Heart and write about things you genuinely love and are passion about. Show the whi community who you are and what makes you special - We can't wait to meet you
We Heart It
We Heart It
  • Constantly trying to improve WHI
Thank you for listening to the community. Thank you for constantly trying to advance and improve whi. There are still so many possibilities and places where this wonderful app can continue to grow to. I look forward to seeing this growth and being a part of it, in support and through ideas expressed!
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  • A special shout out to Fabio
Fabio Giolito
Fabio Giolito
Fabio. Thank you for creating this app.
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Many people do not know much about the person who created this app. Honestly speaking, a few years ago, I too was clueless until I did some research while trying to find the mastermind behind this community I love so much. Thank you Fabio for being so creative, for humbly watching the community, and acknowledging and supporting hearters.
"It has evolved into something much bigger than I initially imagined. More than just a tool to organize images, WHI has turned into a place to express yourself, discover new things and meet people from all over the world who are similar to you. It’s been amazing to have more people join the team, share this vision with time and make it all possible." - Fabio Gialito, WHI talks, Team We Heart It.
To learn more about Fabio, read this article :)
  • A special thanks to the WHI community
The WHI community is also such a big part of WHI. A massive part of it. Thank you to all the hearters who heart their hearts out ❤☺, express themselves, support themselves as well as other hearters. We are part of such a beautiful community, and I thought we should just take a moment, to think about that ❤
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We love weheartit and we look forward to seeing WHI grow in the future.

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Have a great day everyone!
Thank you for reading this article
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
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Until next time
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Saturday, 1 December 2018