Hi darlings,
I have desided that I will be doing the school night time routine today, I did the school morning routine a little while ago, so here I am writing the night time one! enjoy Meghena xx

3:22-4:30-home time
My school finishes at 3:22 and I catch a bus home then have to walk a bit so by the time I am done it is 4:30. As soon as I walk into the door i go straight to my room and give my guinnea pig a hug and lay on my bed and go on my phone of a bit.
My school requires us to wear a uniform, so as soon as I get home I would change into more comfy clothes it is normally, leggings and a hoodie. once I am dressed I would unpack my school bag and clean out my lunchbox from that day.
It has been acouple of hours since I have had lunch so i will go into my kitchen and get some food, normally it is nachos and milk, while I am eating my food I am watching some youtube or netflix and filling out my diary and seeing what homework I have to do.
Now it id time for me to start my homework. normally I would have at least 2 to 3 subjects to do so I will sit at my desk and start doing that.
Around this time my mum or myself will start to prepare dinner. Everyday it is different. I will always sit down as a family and eat our meals, we will talk about our days and the topics that are coming up on the news in the backround
This time before it is 7pm I would stop doing my work and start to get ready for bed. I will put away my books and pack my bag for the next day, I will also put on my pajamas and clean my room a bit from all the clothes that I have on the floor. I will also wash my face and moisterise so I dont forget later on in the night.
7:00-9:00-TV time
My family and I love to watch TV we have our certin shows that we watch everyday. During this time I will have a cup of tea and some baked good from my grandma.
at this time i will do my teeth and get into bed. I will normally read go on my phone for a bit.
during these couple of hours I will fall asleep, I will normally stay up until a lot later than my other family members, during this i will be either on my computer watching something or on my phone calling a friend
Thanks for reading and I hope you are having very good day