Finally, to the yr11s !!! The gcse tragedy is already passed... I decided to give myself a long rest, do whatever shit I like or learn some new languages or some astronomy knowledge which I'm interested in it... And of course, writing :)

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I just luv this pic jajaja

There are some ideas for u guys who not sure what to do after the final exam in our high school life.


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Find yourself a space for a short movie or some kind of a cup of hot coffee, get away from your phone for like two to four hours TRUST ME U WILL LIKE THT FEELIN

Decorate your room

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Chrismas is cominnnn!! Change ur style of ur room for a new mood cozy, classy, dreamy its all ur choice!

Get a pet

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People always said that pets are our best friend, I never deny it coz its true rmb if u get it now ur pet will be ur soulmate through ur college life ehi


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Experience the diff culture in the other country meet new people and friends, and you will realize how beautiful is this world

Learn new things

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There are a lot of stuff that we don't know in this world, like languages, sports, other knowledge. And also learn and try more new stuff it also means tht ur improving urself and gaining more experience so why not??

Decide ur next step

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Think what should u take for the next step like work or study? It's the most important decision for our life afterward think bout it carefully and ask some advice from ur seniors :)

Kay it finally ends uhu if u guys want to ask me anything or advice for the next topic of my article plz dm me insta-- evesiah , i will reply as soon as possible ;) HAVE A NICE DAYY