whoever is reading this, i don't think you care but i'll share this with you anyway.

i don't feel so good lately, actually it's been a while since i don't feel good but i kind of try to ignore it but the feeling or thought never leaves my mind.

i don't feel good,

i don't feel good with my body.

i don't feel good with the person i am.

i don't feel good when im with my love ones.

i don't feel good when i listen to music because it just make my heart hurt so much.

i don't feel good when i see teens of my age or younger doing things i could be doing too but i don't, because i feel so useless and stupid.

i don't feel good by talking out loud because i feel like im bothering everyone or that nobody gives a damn about what i have to say. im so scard to talk conversations because of that.

i don't feel good when im alone because im scared i might hurt myself like i've been doing this past days. and it hurts and i know i shouldn't have done anything but i feel so bad about myself that the only way to make it better seems to be punish myself.

i don't feel good for my mom, i let her down all the time.
i really wish i could say sorry to her and that she believes me because i do, but when im in front of her i can't speak at all. im so sorry she has to deal with such an awful daughter.

i don't deserve to feel good tho.