Hi everybody! I'm excited of writing this article because I'll finally tell you how to put your ideas of interiorism on paper or digital.

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Well, of course you will start using pen and paper, drawing your ideas and writing details of your design, So, yeah! That's the first way to start designing interiors, but, let me introduce you to this in a formal way. ;)

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Here is my list of how and where you can start drawing and doing your designs no matter if you aren't studyign the career yet, this will help you a lot!

-Paper, pencils, colors... ready!
Of course that you have to do sketches and draws of the spaces you are gonna design. But it isn't just sketches. If you can't use programs or apps for designing, you can draw it and make better details by hand.

Take a paper, look for your pencils (graduated f you can), and you markers or pencil colors and START DRAWING YOUR IDEAS!!

Use rules If you aren't precise while drawing, and If you are the opposite LET'S DO IT!

Some ways of drawing cool designs are drawing in perspective. It's really nice and fun, but I almost sure that you could have an headache when you're doing it. But DON'T WORRY, watch video tutorials, try, and you will do the best perspectives of the world!

Oh! Don't forget of playing with colors, forms... Just let your mind rise and grow :)

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-Programs for interior design
On this I have to tell you that I don't really now all the programs and apps for interior design, but I'll tell you about the only very good three that I've been using.

--Planner 5D- Home & Interior Design
This one it's very cool because it have a 2d and 3d version. You can draw the plan of the space or you can just choose a room or do it as you can. If you're a begginer this will help you a lot, because you can do just a cube and start making art.

FUN FACT: I use to play The Sims because all the thing they have for home are really nice and well, If you can guess... yeah! I started making little designs in The Sims lol! It wasn't the big thing but it was a beggining.

Continuing... in Planner you have the option to choose furniture, color, plants and a lot of things. The bad new, is that some things are pay and that's the little problem. But with all the thing that the app offer you can do good things.

You can have the app in you phone and in your computer.

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All my love for this! It's one the coolest apps I've tried, God, I love it! And I'm sure that you would love it too.

It's similar as Planner 5D, but this have more options if you work in your computer, I mean, you can render your work! And the result IT'S FANTASTIC!! It's looks real.

I honestly prefer this because have a lot of furniture and a lot of things to choose like lightning, plants, accesories, trending stuff. It's just perfect guys. You must have try it, trust me.

All the things you can use it, It's not necessary to pay for use some things or options.

You can use it online in the website, just search it in your computer and start designing! I love the fact that while you're doing it in an architectural plan you are also watching it in 3D. It's amazing!

It's available on your phone too. But I specially love do it in my computer.
Just look how Homestyler let the images omg!

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And the last one SketchUp
This is more for people with experience but you can try it too. You'll see it weird and kinda bored, but you can play with all the things that the program have or you can watch video tutorials on YouTube, It'll help you a lot.

In this, you can make your own designs in everything or download furniture and stuff from his "Warehouse", where you can also post your uniques and originals designs, sell it and have money!

You can also render here, It looks cool but I really never tried that part, yo can do videos with all the scenes you do, and make your digital desing look real.

This isn't available for your phone. It's just available for computer and you can try the free trial for 30 days of download the crack version (as me haha).

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Hope this article help a lot of people!