Things are getting better :) ... Hello if you reading this, I hope this month you take a break of everything and enjoy the holidays or whatever with your family and people you love <3 like always this is my monthly playlist and I'm feeling pretty OK, I mean better than last month so... anyways I really like this songs and the only thing that I have to say is YOU NEED TO WATCH A LOT OF CHRISTMAS MOVIES . xxoo lots of hearts and love! enjoy the Holodays. (Yes, I watch "simplynailogical") if you don't watch her on youtube what are you waiting? hahaha ok bye.
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✩ Devil Woman // Cliff Richard
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✩ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road // Elton John
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✩ Barracuda // Heart
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✩ Rill Rill // Sleigh Bells
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✩ Everybody Hurts // R.E.M.
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✩ L-O-V-E // Nat King Cole
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✩ thank u, next // Ariana Grande
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✩ Someone Like You // Jasper Bones
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✩ Nicotine and Coffee // Blue Rain Boots
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✩ Blue Moon // The Beatles

Maybe I can put some christmas music but...later, enjoy it!