I am a bird caught in a cage, a traveler without a destination.
I live without knowing what will happen, without knowing where I’m going.
I’m not completely alone just because of the spirits of my family and friends, that haunt me for each track, each street, and each memory that I pass.
Take me back to the place we met, take me back to that party, or to where I was born. I need a place to call my own, something to hold on.
Tread my way, so I won't get lost in the mazes of this city (or of my mind), so I can understand again what I have to do.
I need to become unaccustomed with my demons, remember what is like to live without the terrors of the night. Being strong has its negative points.
After all, I’m not the only traveler who has never paid his debts with the world.

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