You were my first love.
I remember as if it were yesterday, the two of us walking around the school holding hands, exchanging glances in the classroom and going home together.
Our friends have always said that we would get married someday, and that they would be our groomsmen and bridesmaids, we were a couple full of dreams and hope in the midst of our youth.
As time went on, we separated from each other, we went to different paths, we forgot about each other.
We met other people, went to different places, had new experiences and grew up physically and mentally.
To reach this expected moment.
I go into the coffee shop, you’re siting in a table reading a book. I sit in front of you, you raise your eyes and smile.
-Hello, long time no see. – You say, sealing all the years that we’ve been apart.
You were my first love, and now, you will be my last.

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