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16. ships that didn't get their endgame
Bay & Ty (Switched at Birth)

couple, abc family, and season 2 image kisses, series, and switched at birth image
I am still both mad and sad that the show didn't continue and that they didn't end up together

Spencer & Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

love, kiss, and pretty little liars image gif, in love, and pretty little liars image
some may say that they ended up together, but in my opinion it was a very lousy kind of ending and such a great ship deserved so much more

Lily & Rufus (Gossip Girl)

gossip girl, rufus humphrey, and lily van der woodsen image gossip girl, lily, and ny image
I would be so much happier if these two ended up together, not Dan and Serena

17. a ship that did get their endgame
April & Matthew (Grey's Anatomy)

Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara andrew, wedding, and grey's anatomy image
I already mentioned it in my other article and I will say it again, that I am really glad that these two actually ended up together

18. a ship that was better off as friends
Lois & Oliver (Smallville)

and, been, and demon image clark kent, DC, and smallville image
they had such beautiful friendship, I'm glad they went back together to being friends

19. ships I thought I would never ship
Jemma & Fitz (Agents of Shield)

jemma simmons, leo fitz, and fitzsimmons image chemistry, couple, and fitzsimmons image
I thought I would never adjust to the fact that they are a couple, they had an amazing friendship and partnership as agents, but after all I couldn't help myself not to ship them

Oliver & Connor (How to get away with murder)

quotes, tv show, and connor walsh image Connor, oliver, and tv show image
I didn't like Connor at first cause he was just hurting Ollie with his behaviour, but the relationship changed him so much that now I can't even imagine them not being together

20. ships I shipped from the very first moment
Emma & Killian (Once Upon a Time)

Temporarily removed once upon a time, emma swan, and hook image
I somehow always knew from the very beginning that they are going to be an endgame

Kono & Adam (Hawaii 5-o)

Image removed h50, grace park, and hawaii 5-0 image
even though everybody disapproved at first of their relationship, I always knew Adam is a good and honorable man

Lorelai & Luke (Gilmore Girls)

gif, luke danes, and lorelai gilmore image gilmore girls, luke danes, and lorelai gilmore image
they always had this cute / dorky / friendly thing going on in between them

21. ships I thought would happen before one of them turned up to be gay
Emily & Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Temporarily removed Image removed
I haven't read the books so I didn't know what the development here would be like

Jenny & Eric (Gossip Girl)

gossip girl and Taylor Momsen image gossip girl, Taylor Momsen, and instagram image
I truly shipped them until Eric came out...I still think they would have been cute together

22. a ship with a horrible development
Serena & Dan (Gossip Girl)

beautiful, blake lively, and dan humphrey image gossip girl, couple, and blake lively image gossip girl, blake lively, and love image Image by aishi
they started as a "Lonely boy" being in love with an "It girl" and after being together on / off and many other relationships they had, eventually ended up together...I think they should have stayed broken up for good

23. a ship with a great development
Lois & Clark (Smallville)

clark kent, DC, and smallville image clark kent, DC, and smallville image clark kent, DC, and smallville image clark kent, DC, and smallville image
they were constantly making these jokes and nagging each other all the time in a friendly way, until they realised they are in love with each other

24. a "classical high school romance" ship I loved
Hanna & Caleb (Pretty Little Liars)

pretty little liars, ashley benson, and hanna marin image bath, bathroom, and caleb image pretty little liars, pll, and caleb image pretty little liars, pll, and haleb image
everything was perfect until the 5 years forward jump came

25. a "classical high school romance" ship I hated
Carrie & Sebastian (The Carrie Diaries)

bed, Carrie Bradshaw, and kiss image love, kiss, and couple image carriediaries image Annasophia Robb, Carrie Bradshaw, and gif image
Carrie was all the time so self-centered and when she didn't have things her way, she was heartbroken...I think no guy would like to deal with that

26. an "on / off" ship I loved
Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl)

blair, chuck, and gossip image blair and chuck image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image gossip girl, love, and chuck bass image
I don't tend to like on/off relationships...but weirdly these two grew into a such powerful and influential couple that I know that Gossip Girl would have been nothing without them

27. an "on / off" ship I hated
Aria & Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

pretty little liars, pll, and aria image pretty little liars, pll, and ezra image pretty little liars, couple, and aria image ezria, lucyhale, and ianharding image
he was her teacher, she was his student...it should have ended right after the first episode when they found out (and most of their spended time together was about talking how they can't go to public, cause nobody can know -_-)

28. a ship that is unpopular but I like
Felicity & Ray (Arrow)

arrow, cw, and emily bett image arrow, couple, and nerd image arrow, gif, and serie image arrow, Felicity, and palmer image
while Oliver waited, and waited, and waited, Ray took the initiative and actually acted according to his feelings (all I say is that this is how a man should act when he likes somebody)

29. a ship that is popular but I hate
Bay & Emmett (Switched at Birth)

Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I know she loved him but I still don't know why...she loved him until he hurt her so many times she couldn't even be with him anymore

30. ships I shipped both with a main canon
Lorelai & Max (Gilmore Girls)

coffee, gilmore girls, and funny image coffee, gilmore girls, and lorelai image
I was so pissed at Lorelai when she cancelled the wedding...like I knew that they wouldn't marry, but the way she cancelled it was horrible

Hanna & Travis (Pretty Little Liars)

Image removed Temporarily removed
I knew they were not gonna end up together, but again, why even go into another relationship Hanna, when you knew that when Caleb shows up, you are going to be with him? (and Travis was such a sweetheart! and Hanna broke his heart)

Chloe & Clark (Smallville)

clark kent, smallville, and chloe sullivan image clark kent, smallville, and chloe sullivan image
I shipped them before Lois showed up and also later, but I think they were better off as friends

31. ships that ended sadly
Ivy & Raj (90210 New generation)

Temporarily removed 90210, couple, and ivy image
they were one of the most precious things on this show

Regina & Angelo (Switched at Birth)

gif image gif image
they had a rocky start but as we came to know that it was just one big bad misunderstanding, I think many fell in love with this ship

32. ships with a happy ending
Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl)

gossip girl, wedding, and blair image love, gossip girl, and couple image
they had their ups and downs but always knew how to apologize and start from a scratch as nothing happend

Emma & Killian (Once Upon a Time)

Jennifer Morrison, once upon a time, and otp image kiss, wedding, and oncer image
a beautiful romance with even more beautiful ending

33. a new ship
Gert & Chase (Runaways)

Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara chase, runaways, and gert image gif image chase, runaways, and gert image
I can't wait to see more of them! (21. december) I just hope none of them dies

34. my all time favourite ship
Lois & Clark (Smallville)

clark kent, DC, and gif image clark kent, DC, and smallville image clark kent, DC, and smallville image clark kent, DC, and smallville image
I shipped them for four and a half seasons until they actually got together and they had the most amazing relationship of all time

35. ships worth mentioning

Regina & Robin (Once Upon a Time)

lana parrilla, regina mills, and outlaw queen image regina, robin hood, and sean maguire image

Snow & David (Once Upon a Time-season 1)

once upon a time, romantique, and snow white image david, prince charming, and snow white image

Paris & Doyle (Gilmore Girls)

Image removed Temporarily removed

Lane & Dave (Gilmore Girls)

Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara

Vanessa & Nate (Gossip Girl)

gossip girl image gossip girl, otp, and vanessa image

Yoyo & Mack (Agents of Shield)

yoyo, mackenzie, and mack image gif, mack, and agents of shield image

Thea & Roy (Arrow)

arrow, willa holland, and colton haynes image Temporarily removed

Walt & Bennett (The Carrie Diaries)

gay, walt, and the carrie diaries image walt, bennett, and the carrie diaries image

Daphne & Wilke (Switched at Birth)

daphne, switched at birth, and wilke image Image removed

Lily & Toby (Switched at Birth)

lily, toby, and switched at birth image couple, fanfic, and season 4 image

Emily & Paige (Pretty Little Liars)

emily, forever, and paige image Image by Harley Quinn

Lana & Jason (Smallville)

Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara