friendships cause heartbreaks too little they mean when they're a little too late.

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Do you not need me like I need you?

It doesn't matter how many times I try to explain, you just can't seem to see things my way...

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Don't you understand that I have struggles of my own too? Do you not know of the hell I go through? Does my heart not matter you?

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Will my feelings keep getting swept to the side? The grief, the pain, the envy, the guilt, the anger, the insane... I feel those everyday.
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What about my insecurities, what about my pain? Don't they get to matter too or is it all just about you?
But it doesn't matter because I guess it's all a bit too late...

Breathe Me by Sia

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"...hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to my friend..."

I'm tired of fighting for something that feels only one way. If you love me... now its up to you to find a way.

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Because right now I have to choose me. Selfish as it may seem and tragic as it may be, you're now someone whom I have to learn to let go. Because as much as you'll never know that it hurts me, and as much as you can't see that i'm hurting, you don't see things any other way.

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the longer the time flows, the more my need goes...
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Song: Where are U Now by Justin Bieber [Ember Island Cover] Video Below:
I gave you the key when the door wasn't open
Just admit it
See, I gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can’t deny it
Now I'm all alone and my joys turned to moping
Tell me here, where are you now that I need you?
Couldn't find you anywhere
When you broke down I didn't leave you
I was by your side...
So where are you now that I need you?
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