I wasn't planning to write this but since I feel like shit and I wanna do something about it... Here I'm.
Okay so I don't even know what this is gonna be like but I needed to write down my thoughts.
I'm tired of suffering for the wrong people, of spending entire days in my bed crying and complaining about shit I can change. I've found myself crying a lot these days and it has to change ASAP. I mean, there's nothing wrong about crying a little and let go those feelings but after that we gotta get up and do something about it. That person you were crazy about doesn't like you? DROP THEM! They don't fucking deserve your tears and your time. I'm pretty sure you'll be seeking for revenge, and GODDAMN it sounds amazing, doesn't it? BUT, that'd only increase their power, so try to forget about them and MOVE ON.

Focus on yourself, on your growth, I don't know. Think about something that inspires you (art, fashion, nature, etc) and leave your bed. I'm still working on that tho, it's difficult to change over night so be patient and live day by day, giving your best and giving yourself a rest once in a while.

I know this artcicle is a hot mess and probably no one will ever read it (I hope someone does lol) but I feel this is useful and extremely relatable. We've all felt disappointed, sad, anxious, heartbroken, lazy and with lack of motivation at least once. And I'm sure there are plenty of articles saying how to actually feel better but I read them and after that I do nothing. Yeah, cool. but I won't try that, nah, too much effort.
The truth is that even if we are told what to do it depends on us wether to change or not. DO YOU WANNA CHANGE? THEN GO AHEAD! It's gonna take time and you'll probably want to quit but work harder and prove them wrong. AND MOST IMPORTANT: prove yourself that you are capable of doing anything you want to (be realistic -or a bit).

Soooo, conclusion? Get rid of negative people that don't value who you really are and if you have the chance to screw them over (nothing too serious, we don't want you to kill/hurt anyone -give them a taste of their own medicine) then DO IT. Mmmm, what else? Focus on your self growth and fucking love who you are. There are plenty of people out there that are going through the same shit you are now, don't feel like you're the only one. The point is that we gotta overcome our issues and step out of them as a QUEEN/KING.
YOU are all gorgeous, WE are all gorgeos. SLAYYYYYY