treat me like you want to see blood
Your eyes are sharpened
And your gloves say you are ready to slay
Do you feel like doing stabbing words?
Or do the only daggers you play with are lips?
That smirk says you have a plan
Just imagining how ghastly it could be, lets me perplexed
You can only mean harm and imperiling myself
Your head in the darkest galaxies and your hands in the gore scene
You feel no discomfort at seeing injustice
indeed, you more likely dig it
Heinous queen of sorrows
not salving even the innocent
The armor you wear. fear lady?
feared some ghost might come for vengeance and for their belongings?
Isn't it queer that your majesty of fears and sorrows
might also get panicky and aching?
The grimace you made after my suggestion will never leave this brains
You spat an excuse and made me a brig as vast as your love for life
brandish your blades and teeth like you were a savage lass
but when the murk comes along
You turn into the girl who is been scared of her own shadow
since she was born
The girl who will wear armor and sit in a throne she made of sticks
You tainted your image lady
but your dread can be smelled from miles away by the wolfs
They starve for people like you
Weak and fleshy
And the flavor all that iron gives you
All that you are uneasy about will come chasing you from the dark corner of the world you came from
And even if you brutalize me
you'll never cure cancer you carry
You'll strew my blood, and provoke me strokes but like your evilness
my will, will never die