Hi everyone, I'm here to show you how I felt about my University experience.
I've always been a wanderlust, in fact I was very happy about this experience. I left my city because my university is in Milan, Italy. I'm from a little city in South Italy so I packed a lot of things and I took a fly.
When I arrived in Milan I felt a lot of emotions inside my heart.
I felt confused, happy, anxious and something else.
I tried to make new friends, to cook something healthy but I cried my eyes out everyday. When I took a week to have rest in my hometown I felt like I've found for the first time my happy place. So I think you don't have to go away to find your way, you just need to relax, enjoy the little things and walk step by step. Stop to think too much. You're right just the way you're and if you need more time to make your choice, take it. Don't be afraid, you'll have a lot of opportunities and maybe you don't felt right because all your friends go in their way but you'll find your way when it's your time.