ooof, so this month has been sooo stressful. sooo many assignments ooof. but i survived. now, i only have 5-6 huge mock exams and tests, and then i'm done for this half year. ALSO I AM MOVING. not atm, but in early 2019. i am soooo exciteddd. anyways, these are the songs i've been listening to the past month:

tempo - exo

"don't mess up my tempo"

thank u, next - ariana grande

"one taught me love, one taught me patience and one taught me pain"

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moonchild - rm (bts)

"we gotta dance in the rain, dance in the pain"

khaab - akhil

"my heart keeps on thinking about you, it falls for none, just for you"

down to earth - justin bieber

"so, tell me how could i be normal somehow"

justin bieber image

without me - halsey

"took it so far to keep you close"

seesaw - suga (bts)

"we pretend to care for each other, we can't continue, we have to decide now"

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empty space - james arthur

"cause only you could fill this empty space"

i'm fine - bts

"it's okay even if it isn't us"

be for meg - turab

"det er i mørket jeg trives"

solo - jennie

"i like being alone, because i should be true to myself"

jennie, yg, and blackpink image

hurts like hell - madison beer feat. offset

"the devil got you good this time"

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let go - bts

"penned words, written then erased"

armor - landon
"i'm not bullet proof when it comes to you"

yes or yes - twice

"i respect your choice, but reject your rejection"

goodnight n go - ariana grande

"oh, why'd you have to be so cute"

ariana grande, breathin, and ariana image