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It is almost December. And all the #sparkle are in my mind how I want to spend Christmas this year.

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#christmas here I come!

Christmas Tree

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The tree I would take.
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How should my Christmas Tree look like? I like he tree green without white snow, but a lot of green, blue, red, gold, silver and sparkle ornaments. Big gold sparkle star on top of the tree.


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Image by Kelsey

These are examples of #decorations I would use in my #house for Christmas.

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#Pillows are the best for on my couch to chill with lots of #hotchocolate with #marchmallows. Watching Christmas movies all the time.

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Image by mullane_1 ஐღღ ღღஐ

Christmas days

Christmas Eve

First Christmas day

I would love to spend Christmas with family and friends. In the morning on the First Christmas Day I wake up in the morning very early and enjoy the snow in the dark with my hot coffee.

Then start to prepare for breakfast with lots of bread, orange juice and much more. After that and cleaning breakfast things, I welcome my friends for a quick lunch with things they bring along with them.

Then when it's 3 o'clock, I will prepare dinner. It could be 4 courses or just a simple dinner, but very Christmessee. And go to bed in the middle of the night and I'll enjoy with friends a few glasses of wine with some different kind of cheese. And then they'll stay over.

Second Christmas day

On second Christmas Day I'll wake up and make some breakfast with #tea and coffee for the guest who stayed over night. Then when they're gone around 10 o'clock I will find time to relax and prepare for lunch with other relatives and maybe some friends.

Then around 12 o'clock lunch will start. Talking about things that is in our lives and share good memories. Then after lunch, I love to walk through the woods or in the neighbourhood.

Then maybe dinner at my place or with somebody else. And when I get back, I will drink some hot coco.

Dreams and #wishes for the future

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Of course a #fireplace.

I also have some wishes to come true:

  • celebrate Christmas as have in my mind and create some wonderful traditions with my children.
  • try new things
  • and many more I wrote on a paper I lost (oops)
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Merry Christmas y'all!