Hello sunshines here is one more article, this time about how I see myself as fictional character


If I was a fictional character my name would be Alaska, because I'm a little obsessed with that name since I read the book "Looking For Alaska"


I would be 19 years old


I would measure 5'6, I would have long red hair, with freckles, I would have blue eyes (actually I have blue eyes) and I would be fitness
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Grunge and hippie style to look like a bad bitch but who's attached to the hippie culture
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If I was a fictional character I would be someone who loves music (actually, I love music), someone who's sensitive but shows to the people she has a cold heart to protect herself. I would be someone who fight for her beliefs, someone who is independent and someone who love water sports
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I would like listening to music, writing, surfing, skating, swimming, meditate and watch series
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Somewhere in California
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"Because music is like a bottle of pills with different flavors. One for our happy moments, another for when we are in love, out of love and so on. But unexplainably, we always pick melancholic tunes when we are sad. Weird, right?"
"Be somebody nobody thought you could be the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." - fa Zhou (Mulan)
"Follow up on your ideas and see if they're practicable"