Hey Guys, today I wanna show you some of my favourite tips to decorate for the holidays and also how you could definitly get in the christmas mood.

1. Music

My favourite thing to get the mood is silmply listening to some of the old but gold xmas songs. Here some of mine:

  • All I Want for Christmas - Mariah Carey
  • Last Christmas - Wham!
  • It´s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas - Michael Bublé
  • Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande
  • I´ll Be Home - Meghan Trainor
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2. Candles & Fairy Lights

My Go-To thing in the cold seasons are definitely candles. I think they make every room a little bit cozyer and cuter. It is the same with fairy lights. The atmosphere when only candles and fairy lights are shining is so beautiful. You can litterally throw fairy lights everywhere. But it is sometimes a little bit difficult with real fire indeed out there are some pretty cheap solutions like fake candles with some battery.

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3. Blankets

I´m a person who is always cold so in winter I´m very happy to have a lot of blankets. And also they are pretty cute accessoires in your room. You can just lay one on your bed, your sofa or on a chair.

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4. Accessoires

I think you can already find in every store some decoration for Christmas. You can search in these stores for some decoration in a specific Color scheme or go crazy with them. But if you go for colorful decoration I would recomment to set one base color and than put more color in which actually fit. So you can use the same decoration over and over again but with different colors mixed.

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5. Hot Chocolate & Cookies

There is nothing better when it is cold outside to come home and have hot chocolate by the hand. Also some delicious Cookies or ginger bread is not bad. Besides your house will smell very good.
There are some delicious and easy recipes in the internet or ask your mom and grandma. But there is also tasty convenience food which you can buy.

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6. Movies

This year Netflix has a lot of good new movies, which threw me also in this xmas mood. And after a long day it is very relaxing to watch a movie like this.

  • The Holiday Calendar with Kat Graham & Quincy Brown
  • The Princess Switch with Vanessa Hudgens
  • The Christmas Chrinicles with Kurt Russell
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Thank you for reading!

Bye, Kira