I'm currently overwhelmed by what I'm feeling right now.

My roomate just saw someone jump off a parking building in the campus of our university. It was raining, she held her umbrella on top of the boy who was still alive after the fall while she waited for the police to come.

I don't know the boy, or what he was going through. I just know that this has been a terrible event. Millions of thoughts have been running through my mind ever since I heard the story.

Why would someone want to terminate their life? Why would someone want to leave for good? Why would someone want to harm themselves? I truly don't comprehend.

I believe that there is a solution for everything. No matter what we're going through there will always be an answer to our problems. We need to have faith in ourselves, and faith in God. Most importantly we need to surround ourselves with the people that love us, because they are the ones that will help us get through the toughest times.

Ending the life we live is not the answer to the problems we face.

- irene