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Don’t just think that our eyes are filled with young rebellion. We have a desire for a better world. Add on your story if you can relate, your voice.


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Okay back inside my 156 bus kinda feel like thinking back. Time passes by so fast I remember the time when we tossed our lives just like wishing coins. Boy didn’t know a lot, I think I’m still the same. I’m still searching for my galaxy, still don’t know my screen.


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I saw an angel. When I first saw you, you shined like an angel from heaven. I got curious. Who do you resemble to be that beautiful? I’ll be your morning star and you are my angel.


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It can't handle the two of us Seoul night baby. I who am awake at night more than in the day. May be similar to this city. Your eyes being fireworks under the night sky without a star.


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Do you remember what I said every night long time ago? The compass I saw in my dreams I know now that it’s you. Now that time passed, you were so young but you were so big. That side of you gives me strength. I’ll be your home.


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Do you remember that place? You really liked it. The doodles we left for fun are still there without change. We spent time with you at by the window where the sun seeped in. I was next to you singing. Your shoulder, my shoulder the touch that was above, like it was slightly hanging. I believe we feel the same.


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Without anyone knowing, I wanna go far away to the hot sea This fluttering feeling. I’m so lucky to have found you. With you I just wanna dance with you under the hot sun. However my heart takes me. Let’s fall deep inside the blue ocean.