Hello babes,
I hoped you liked the poem I posted yesterday? I was really proud of myself to be honest, and I also really liked to write it so I'm going to write another one. Just like the one from yesterday, feel free to message me tips(or tops) and if you find a typo or grammar mistake, tell me!

Dreaming of love

The world turns,
It never stops
The world burns,
Ruining it's crops

People fight,
Hurting others
When did we lost our light,
And killed our brothers?

Children cry,
Holding hands
Not understanding goodbye
Alone on the strands

What is hate?
A meaningless word?
Why don't we wait?
It is absurd!

We cut down trees
Perhaps, ruining life?
Stop the time, please
We're standing on the edge of a knife

People scream
About the wrongs
This is not a dream
Not a tale in songs

Don't you understand,
The planet dies
Sinking in the quicksand,
And we care about lies

Just close your eyes
And imagine a dove
Start acting wise
And dream of love

The future isn't written, yet
We can change it
Our lives are at threat
I'm sorry to admit

Our voices count
Why don't we give fate a shove
And stop caring about a bankaccount
We must start dreaming of love

Temporarily removed

Well that was my seconds poem, I hoped you like it?
This poem was inspired by the way we treat our dear planet and all the horrors that we hear of everyday. This is one of my ways to tell people that we need to act soon and stop ruining everything we have now.
If you find any typos/grammar mistakes send me a message and if you want to react on my poem a message is welcome too!

xoxo Marleen