Since it's been over a month when I last updated my musical preferences, I figured out that it would be the perfect time to do the next one. This is me clicking on shuffle play ten times and writing it all in a list. Enjoy.

in my blood; SHAWN MENDES

in my blood, shawn mendes, and beautiful image shawn mendes, boy, and Hot image

skinny love; BIRDY

love, skinny love, and quote image Image by asude kargฤฑ

the national manthem; LITTLE MIX

Lyrics, lockscreen, and little mix image body, towels, and little mix image


demons, quotes, and Lyrics image imagine dragons image

let you down; NF

quotes, Lyrics, and music image Temporarily removed

i'm a mess; BEBE REXHA

Lyrics, bebe rexha, and mess image backstage, bebe rexha, and girl image

people help the people; BIRDY

birdy and Lyrics image Image removed

bird set free; SIA

Lyrics, ๏ธsia, and bird set free image ๏ธsia, the greatest, and music image

all i want; KODALINE

kodaline, all i want, and quotes image Lyrics, music, and song image

sweet creature; HARRY STYLES

aesthetic, colors, and flowers image Image removed

That's it for today.
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