I have a son and every year we have such a great, fun, magical time at Christmas because through December we try and do as much Christmassy (If that's a word) things as possible and I am always looking online for more inspiration so I thought I would share what we do to give others ideas...

Watch Christmas lights switch on

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Visit a Christmas market & fare

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Write a letter to Santa
This is for the kids!!

christmas, Letter, and santa image christmas, santa, and Letter image

Decorate the house for Christmas

christmas, christmas tree, and cozy image atmosphere, christmas, and decorations image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image christmas, decorations, and robin image

Decorate a Gingerbread house or cookies!!

christmas, winter, and Cookies image christmas, winter, and holiday image

Make your own wrapping paper

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Drive around the neighbourhood & admire the Christmas lights :)

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Drink hot chocolate & eat cookies

christmas, coffee, and winter image christmas, winter, and light image

Visit Santa

christmas, city, and decorations image christmas, decorations, and lights image

Make your own Christmas cards

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If its snowing, Build a snowman & go sledging

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Christmas drawings of Santa, Reindeer's or a snowman...
DIY star for the tree...
DIY tree decorations...
Sing along to Christmas songs...
Watch Christmas movies...
Eat your advent chocolate...
Donate old toys...

Hope you have some ideas from this list...:)
Thank you for reading.x.