Hey guys. in today's article I'm going to be putting down some of the things I want for Christmas this year, I'll be posting the whole list in a YouTube video. Hopefully I don't seem spoiled or anything. i hope you all enjoy and hopefully more people will post what they want for the Holidays.

1. Sweetener World Tour Tickets

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I've been wanting to see Ariana since the "My Everything" era. Unlike some people I really like "Sweetener" and I'd love to see her live.

2. Ulta Gift Cards

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A lot of the stuff I want for Christmas is makeup and skincare so I felt it'd be easier to ask for gift cards instead of specific products

3. Makeup Storage

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I have a lot of makeup and skincare and after the Holidays I'm bound to have a whole lot more and my current storage just isn't cutting it

4. Airpods

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I have the iPhone 7+ which we all know has no headphone port. There are a million reasons as to why these would be perfect but to sum it up, they're just more convenient than wired earbuds

5. "The Sun and Her Flowers" by Rupi Kaur

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I have "Milk and Honey" which is amazing and I've read a few poems from this book and it seems just as amazing

6. Fairy Lights

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My old ones died and I never got around to replacing them. I love fairy lights and they especially set the mood for the Autumn/Winter time

7. Victoria's Secret Silk Robe

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I want one in black because it's more chic, sleek and not a lot of people have it

That's it for this article again this isn't everything but somethings need more explanation than others. If you're interested in seeing the rest of the things I want I'll have a link to my Christmas Wishlist when it comes out. I hope you all enjoyed and if you post one of these please send me a message with a link to it so I can read it. Bye xx

Full Christmas Wishlist video: