this will be very messy & more thoughts that i wanted to share.

the world is not fair.
i see it everyday but can't get it in my head.

this is ridiculous but i just had several bad grades for papers i worked so hard on & put my heart in.
and the truth is that it made me sad, because i have high standards for myself and i always do things at 100%

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and i regret spending time for pointless results.
and i hate having these feelings of sadness & disappointment.
and it's not only about me but i hate the feeling of unfairness i have sometimes.

the reality is that being mean & selfish is easier & more rewarding.
kindness is hard & you'll give more than you get.
that's true.

but i will very change the way i am because it is not rewarding.
i will always do things putting my soul in it, and i'll keep trying to be the kindest person i can try to be.

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.because, at the end of the day, grades, money, it doesn't matter so much.
.what matters to me is that i can be able to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of the person i am becoming.
.i want to look in the mirror and see the best person i can be, know that i gave kindness around me, that i put my heart everywhere bc i want to.
.and want to live things fully, i want to be at the top because i know hard works will pay off someday and that i'll deserve it if i work.

the world is not fair.
but i can't spend my whole life complaining about it.
i'll try to make it a better place, i'll try to be better.
and if that doesn't work, i won't have any regrets because i'll will have do all i could.
this is what i wanted to share.

you'll face so many bad things & you'll cry a lot.
but don't give up. don't chose the easy path.
chose the one that makes you proud of yourself.
chose kindness.

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as always take care, love you.

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