I've never gone a date before, so this is what's my expectation from my first date!

My look

aesthetic, dress, and fashion image fashion, dress, and style image
I want to wear a dress, like a cute princess...

To Do


aesthetic, picnic, and green image aesthetic, picnic, and book image aesthetic, picnic, and food image aesthetic, picnic, and bread image
A Picnic! If you live in a seaside city like me, best thing to do is a picnic near the sea!


blue, clouds, and couple image boy, vintage, and watching the sky image Temporarily removed girl, laying on grass, and boy image
Watching the sky, or each other...


Temporarily removed food, ice cream, and drink image food, aesthetic, and dessert image food, cake, and aesthetic image
eating some dessert we both like!


couple, girl, and love image Temporarily removed couple, nature, and night image Temporarily removed
Watching the city together at the end...

I know this list is not creative at all and cliche but, i am a simple person and a day like this, can be my best day ever...