It's alright to cry.
Just because I know you're not good for me, doesn't mean I can't cry.
After all, you were a part of me for more than 2 years.
And yes, you might be wrong for me now, but you were good sometimes.
You made me feel loved, even in your own strange way.
I don't want to forbbid myself the need to cry.
I will make deaf ears to those who tell me that it isn't worth it to cry for you.
Because my tears remind me of the good times.
My tears taste like the nights I went to sleep with a smile on my face.
My tears feel like those late night calls and the comfort I felt in the sound of your voice.
You might be wrong for me, and that doesn't mean I can't cry.
Because I've lost a loved one, I've lost my love, I've lost myself, at least part of it. Everything I dreamed of, a future with you, will not be possible.
And losing hurts.
My tears remind me it is necessary to feel so then I can learn from the pain, and heal.
It's okay to cry.
'cause one day, tears will dry.