Happy Friday hearters! It’s officially our favorite day of the week and we couldn’t be happier. Read below to see what we’ve been hearting!

Class Pass

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If you’re not on Class Pass… what are you even doing?! If you haven’t already, you NEED to sign up for this amazing fitness app our editors have been using nonstop. When you sign up, you gain access to the BEST workout classes in your area PLUS you can get gym time, spa time, facials, pedicures… if it’s anything wellness related, it’s probably on the app. Download now to up your workout game and have fun while doing it!

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Nine Perfect Strangers

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This thriller will have you on your toes with every turn of the page. You won’t be able to get enough of this juicy story where nothing you’d EVER expect happens on a 10 day retreat at a wellness spa. We’ve been talking about it all week!

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Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Diaries” + "thank u, next video"

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If you’re an Ariana Grande fan (and who isn’t) then you’re probably freaking out just as much as we are over the the "thank u, next" video featuring the queen herself plus special guest stars like KRIS JENNER. You'll also love The Dangerous Woman Diaries that were just released this week. Honestly, we feel like we’re closer to Ari than ever.

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We’re big into workout gear -- and lately we’ve been absolutely loving the looks that we’ve been putting together with our Varley pieces! Our fave part?! The leggings have hidden pockets where you can fit your keys, phone, credit cards or whatever else you need! Plus they feel amazing.

See how we style our Varley pieces in an upcoming workout article next month on We Heart It!

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Farmacy Green Screen SPF 30

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With all of our holiday vacations coming up, it’s important that we stay protected in the sun! While every day is basically summer here in Los Angeles, we’ve been protecting our skin with this amazing invisible shield that protects us from the sun, blue light (did you know smart phone light is harmful?) and provides us with an even complexion! Our skin has never looked better.

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