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① Take full responsibility for your life

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→ Don't wait for somebody to save you, to fix you, or even help you
→ you are the only one can run your like forward
→ don't blame anyone because of your failures

② See yourself a Queen building her own kingdom

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③ Have a clear plan

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④ Work until you achieve goals

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⑤ Never give up what so ever

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⑥ Work on schools and university

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⑦ Keep everything organized and neat

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→ get rid of any clothes you don't wear
→ clean out your emails
→ declutter your phone
→ files
→ school stuff
→ your goals too

⑧ Work on their crafts every single day so the build a small improvement

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→ Research
→ Keep learning
→ Have fun

⑨ Cultivate yourself

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→ Visit museums, art galleries, archaeological monuments, travel, learn more things every day through art, museums and movies that educate you.

⑩ Dress nicely

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Published on 30.November.2018