Flowers, in my opinion, are one of the most beautiful creations of mother nature, somehow a great reminder of how something so delicate, soft, and gorgeous can emerge from the dirt and bloom with grace.
But have you ever heard the saying "each person is a whole different world", well the same applies for flowers, every single one of them is different, and each flower carries with them a different and powerful meaning that is what makes them so special. And today I'm going to share them with you! ♥

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❦ Roses

The Queen flower, am I right? Also can we please stop the unjustified discrimination towards roses? Is starting to hurt my feelings. Some people had labeled roses as the most cliche flowers of all times, but just because they are very common it doesn't mean that they are less beautiful or less meaningful. But don't worry, that's what I am here for.

Red Roses: Let's start with the rose that brings all the boys to the florist, shall we? The Red Roses, the most common roses of all times, almost as common as seeing clouds in the sky. Red Roses are everywhere, especially if Valentine's Day is around the corner. Well, that's because these flowers are the universal way to say "love is in the air" and not only romantic love but any kind of love! Their beautiful tone of red symbolizes passion in its splendor. They are also used as a way of expressing respect or huge admiration towards someone. And let's face it, they are really gorgeous so they make a very good present for the ones you love.

White Roses: I personally like white Roses over red ones, but that's just my opinion. These kind of roses are very very classic and so beautiful. They symbolize purity, peace, innocence, elegance, and true love. They are often gifted as a way of saying how much someone loves you, or as a promise of a strong future together. White Roses also cherish new beginnings, you can give them to someone who is starting a new career, or a new job, or even moving to a different place where they can have a fresh start. Also, white roses are a way to wish someone good luck and that you wish the best for them.

Yellow Roses: The happiest rose of all. Yellow Roses symbolize happiness in its splendor, and let's face it they are really gorgeous too. These kind of roses are the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one who just went through a hard time as a way of cheering them up. I've also seen that they are a very common gift for teens who are about to graduate or have just graduated as a way of celebrating this big accomplishment.

Blue Roses: My personal favorite one of all roses and my favorite flower in general. These are very unique roses because they are difficult to get and they are not found in wild nature. For this reason, they are a symbol of exclusiveness, the perfect way to show someone how unique they are to you is by giving them a Blue Rose. Also, their beautiful blue color symbolizes mystery, something that you can't see with naked eyes. Blue Roses represent elegance in a different way than white Roses, an elegance that is very rare to find but yet so captivating. They carry with them eternal love and freedom.

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❦ Carnations

From their beautiful shape to their magnificent essence Carnations have captivated many hearts, including mine. But if you thought Carnations where absolutely gorgeous on their own, wait until you know the meaning behind their stunning colors.

Red Carnations: These flowers are associated with the feelings of love, admiration. I've noticed that these flowers are very popular gifts on Mother's Day since they are the perfect way of letting our beautiful mothers know how much we admire them and love them. Just like red Roses, red Carnations symbolize love and passion as well.

White Carnations: This flower is brides favorite, is not a coincidence that you may have seen white Carnations at many weddings, well they are known as the flower of love. White Carnations are the promise of a forever lasting love. They symbolize as well the fear of losing our loved ones. This flower also symbolizes good luck, so they are the perfect gift for someone who is doing a big transition, maybe a work interview or an important test on school.

Yellow Carnations: Don't let their beautiful tone of yellow fool you! Even though yellow is a color that we often associate with positivism and happiness, this doesn't apply to yellow Carnations. These flowers symbolize disappointment, the loss of a love, sorrow, rejection, pain, and the list goes on and on. They can even symbolize contempt and offense! I know what you're thinking "how can these gorgeous flowers symbolize all these bad things?" and if you ask me I don't have a good answer either. But what I'm sure about is that yellow Carnations are NOT a good idea for a gift, unless your intention is to make this person feel bad, which you should consider not to lol.

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❦ Sunflowers

Sunflowers, the most positive flower of all, the flower that suffers when the sun is missing but still finds comfort in one another. Sunflowers are making a comeback after being in the shadows for the past years, and now are the favorites of many.
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That is it for today's article, I hope you enjoyed it!

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