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INFORMATION:She is the daugther of Claire Smith, twin of Alice Cooper.

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Name and meaning : Hazel Kalilah Smith.
Kalilah means beloved and her mother named her like that to represent her love for her. Nicknames: Haze, Kali, Lilah , Smit


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She likes fashion, but also being comfortable with what she is wearing. She loves black for her stylisms.


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Her natural color is blonde, but she likes to wear it tainted of clear pink.


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She has a lot of tattos,plus her serpent tattoo,


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She is very ironic, loves going out, and live in the moment. She is very passionate also, for the bad and the good things.


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Her mom is the twin sister of Alice Cooper, so her cousins are Betty and Polly Cooper. She has recently moved from Greendale and now she lives on Riverdale on the trailer park. The difference between her mom, Claire and her aunt Alice is that Claire never stoped being a serpent.But Claire died so Hazel lives now with her best friend Joaquin. So now Haze has joined the serpents on Riverdale lidered by her good friend, Jughead Jones, She also has a great relation with her cousin Betty. She considers the Jones and the serpents as her family too.


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