I love you.
But I don’t know if right now I’m able to give you all the attention you asked for... You know, there is a lot going on inside of my head these days and I’m pretty messed up.
Why ?
Because of your lies, you remember when you made this promise to me ? The one that made me dream ? Well, I wanted you to know that it was only a dream and nothing else. You never kept your promises I knew it, but for this one I trusted you. I thought that you would never lie to me for something like that, for something that was this important to me. I was wrong.
You keep saying that I changed but I really don’t, I’m just tired of all those lies.
And maybe we are not looking for the same thing and it’s sad that it took me four years to understand that all your promises were just words and that it will always be. But it is also sad that I’ll never have the courage to tell you how much this hurt me...